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Ethnographical ensemble

      Name: Kuprava
          meaning: toponym
          recommended transcription in English: Kuprava
          approximate pronunciation in English: Kuprava
          Listen pronunciation in AU format (12 Kb)

      Created: 26 October 1986
      Location: Kuprava, Balvi distr., Latgalia
      Leader: Leontīna Bordāne
      Number of participants: 10, of them by age:
          from 45 to 64 years: 3
          older than 64 years: 7
      and by gender:
          males: 4
          females: 6
      Forms of activity: sing, play roundelays

      Description: For the first time we gathered on 26 October 1986. The ensemble was created by teachers Anna Gabrāne and Antonija Brice. I began to sing in ensemble and to manage it in 6.II.1987.
    Ensemble sings old songs of our area: joint work, wedding, religious - beside cross of Virgin mary, on cemetery - for the deceased, psalms on burial. Not a single action in Kuprava can be arranged without our participation! We sing on Cristmas, Easter, on the Lāčplēsis's day, on 18 november, Mother's day, final evening at school, John's day and others. For each action we select corresponding songs.
    We have acted in Riga (on Baltica-94 festival), Balvi, Vilaka, Vacumi, Ziguri, Skilbeni, Baltinava, Medneva, Ludza, Rezekne, Murmastiene, Malupe, Jaunlaicene.

          in Latvian: Leontīna Bordāne, Draudzības 7-6, Kuprava, Balvu raj., LV-4582, Latvija
          in English: Leontina Bordane, Draudzibas 7-6, Kuprava, Balvi distr., LV-4582, Latvia
      Phone: (+371) 45-32198

      Date of presenting the information: 27 August 1998

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