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Folk musicians group
Pūķa muzikanti

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      Name: Pūķa muzikanti
          meaning: Pukis's musicians
          recommended transcription in English: Puka muzikanti
          approximate pronunciation in English: Puutya muzikanti
          Listen pronunciation in AU format (27 Kb)

      Created: November 1996
      Location: Riga
      Leader: Jānis Pūķis
      Number of participants: 5, of them by age:
          from 45 to 64 years: 2
          older than 64 years: 3
      and by gender:
          males: 4
          females: 1
      Forms of activity: sing, play music
      Musical insruments: squeeze boxes (from old one pitersburg, until button and keys accordions), zither, pipe, violin, saw and pulsatile instruments.

      Description: Group was founded in 1996, and in 1997 Ernests Spīčs is recommended the name. We are five persons, already on second half of life, retirees. We perform folk music on old traditional instruments. In summers sometimes, for public, we play on streets hits and romances; usually in Old Riga, for foreign tourists.

Photo (22Kb)

          in Latvian: Jānis Pūķis, Dzirciema 45-50, Rīga, LV-1083, Latvija
          in English: Janis Pukis, Dzirciema 45-50, Riga, LV-1083, Latvia
      Phone: (+371) 2-458925

      Date of presenting the information: 15 September 1998

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