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    Publication in e-newsletter LatBits, #23, Tuesday, 20 July 1999:

Latvian Music on the Web Revisited

by Andris Straumanis <>

It's an exciting time for music in Latvia. In almost all genres, new artists are appearing on the scene, performing in live concerts and releasing recordings. At the same time, popular artists of years past are maintaining their appeal with audiences and are releasing retrospective albums. And artists, producers and fans are increasingly exploring the possibilities the Internet offers for popularizing Latvian music.


When LatBits last reported on Latvian music on the Web (see LatBits #5), the number of sites was somewhat limited. The past year and a half has seen the appearance of dozens of new sites devoted to specific artists or groups (too numerous to list here) plus the appearance or expansion of several music supersites. The latter includes:

These sites, taken together, begin to offer the consumer an overall picture of the Latvian music scene, but gaps remain. For example, fans of šlāģer style music don't have a to which to turn -- at least not yet.


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