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Review for the festival Baltica'03, Rekova,
23 November 2002

      On Saturday, November 23 the review for Baltica passed in Rekova village of Balvi district.

Rekovys dzintars

      The owner was folklore ensemble Rekavas dzintars; it performed the first. It standed out against a background of other collectives by young age - participants of ensemble are 30-35 years old. They sang both without accompaniment, and with accompaniment of squeeze-box, harmonica and comby. Existence of such ensemble, undoubtedly, is positive - they have their own niche, an another one. However, when after the concert, on the party, they began to sing popular Latgalian songs with accompaniment of guitar, I have understood that this manner of singing, which is really far from the true folklore, is the most likeable for them.

Rekova ethnographical ensemble

      The nexts performed women from the same village - Rekova ethnographical ensemble. Though there were only six participants, the singing sounded loudly, especially the sonorous vote of the leader.

Upite youth folklore ensemble

      Upite youth folklore ensemble has produced an inconsistent impression. Girls sang well and in tune, but in the same time the performance was totally empty - there was not neither force in it, nor hearts, the tempo was too quick, rhythmics were modern. However, then guys have joined the girls, and all together begun to dance, it was not bad.

Upite ethnographical ensemble

      Upite ethnographical ensemble by their John's day's songs has proved, that in Upite there are some people able to sing authentically.

Shkilbani ethnographical ensemble

      Shkilbani ethnographical ensemble sang about rye, oats and pub. The performance was powerful and stable. The force was felt in sense of collective performance, as against other ensembles, force of which singing frequently looks as a merit of one-two-three singers.

Brizhucims ethnographical ensemble

      Brizhucims ethnographic ensemble has a creative rise; likely, because they have a new, good leader.

      Benislova ethnographical ensemble has not pleased us - sometimes they singed out of tune, one song has huge overweight of the second voice, also there was some choral influences. But anyway, the ensemble has features of ethnographical ensemble, and there are some authentically singing participants in it.

      The manner of performing of Berzpils ethnographical ensemble did not correspond even to criteria of folklore, not only of ethnographical performance. Actually, it is a vocal ensemble with artificial choreographical inserts. All songs were singed in accompaniment of bad-tuned zither.

Tilzha ethnographical ensemble

      Tilzha ethnographical ensemble went on the stage with agricultural instruments - rakers and pitchforks. They sang good and played well (accordion and zither).

Baltinova ethnographical ensemble

      Baltinova ethnographical ensemble was nice - real country-side musicians, well singing women, youth (even two guys), good repertoir. However, when the musicians played, women sang and children ran simultaneously, it was too much of a good thing.

      Songs' recordings from this activity:

      Article: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš, 28 November 2002
      Photos: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš

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