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Review for the festival Baltica'03, Malnova,
30 November 2002

      The review of ensembles of Ludza district passed on Saturday, November 30, in the old building of Malnova Technical school. Bozova ethnographical ensemble and Dancing collective of the technical school played hosts. Thanks to the organizers, it was a really beautiful concert and party, it was a fest, not only a review.


      The first performed children folklore ensmeble Ilžeņa - about a work from the point of view of smaller brothers and sisters. They sang, played, danced, also told different histories - all at a good level.

Mezhvydi ethnographical ensemble

      Mezhvydi ethnographical ensemble sang songs of joint work. It is a typical ethnographical ensemble of an average level.

Zviergzdine ethnographical ensemble

      Zviergzdine ethnographical ensemble sang about flax and hay. Unfortunately, only some participants sang convincingly, with force. All songs were accompanied by accordion, played in academically-oriented manner.


      Cybla folklore group Ilža evidently has shown, that also young people can sing stentorianly an loudly. Strong voices of young women and the interesting performance have made very good impression. And the fact that they are a good band too is already known.

Raipole ethnographical ensemble

      In spite of the fact that the new participants yet have not mastered the traditional manner of singing, and one woman of average years (because of nervousness?) sang higher and higher, Raipole ethnographical ensemble has produced a good impression. Probably, because of lovely smile of leader of the group.

Blonti ethnographical ensemble

      Blonti ethnographical ensemble showed linen joint work. Unfortunately, women of average years are not bearers of tradition any more. Therefore there are self-made choreographies, cribs with songs' words etc.

Pushmucova ethnographical ensemble

      The participants of Pushmucova ethnographical ensemble had a spark - both in songs, in dances and in music. Certainly, they are not bearers of the ethnographical tradition too, the ensemble reminds something between vocal and dancing collective. There were some things of a bad scenic taste - drinking from empty jugs and man's hats of a strange style.

Nukshi ethnographical ensemble

      Nukshi ethnographical ensemble has shown a perfect performance about baking of bread - from a kneading of dough until an eating. Bread was baked by woman with three children; beautiful speech, cosy environment, lovely mutual relation, as though accidentally telled beliefs, true dough in the beginning and true loaf in the end have made indelible impression. They sang so-so, but it was not important.

Bozova ethnographical ensemble

      Bozova ethnographical ensemble sang really authentically, there was something true and ancient in their performance, which was live and joyful too.

Mierdzine ethnographical ensemble

      Mierdzine ethnographical ensemble sang and told about dung joint work. The singers were different - good and bad too. Girls played on pipes out of tune. However, this ensemble also had a trump - Juris Bondars has told splendidly a history "from life".

Salnova ethnographical ensemble

      Salnova ethnographical ensemble sang about horses. Has pleased that women sang traditionally, but men - sang at all.

      Songs' recordings from this activity:

      Article: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš, 8 December 2002
      Photos: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš

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