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Concert of group "Tuulepill", Riga,
15 June 2003

      In June the musical festival Rīga music has brought to Riga very close visitors - ensemble Tuulepill (a "bag-pipe" in Estonian) from Valga district in Estonia. This area in Estonian is called "Mulgimaa" - Mulkiland. Mulks has they own dialect, in which the group, basically, sings. The chief of the group is father of Taul family - Ants, which already more than thirty years makes bag-pipes and now works in Viljandi High school of culture, where teaches bag-pipe and squeeze-box playing. Two daughters also participate in the group - 24 years old Anu and 19 years old Triinu.

Three bag-pipes players

      The concert began by an appearance from a back part of the hall, firstly with a two-voiced maiden shepherd's song, then - with a bag-pipes playing. Bag-pipes sounded powerfully, on three voices, it was possible to feel both the skilful hands of the foreman and the dexterous playing of all the three musicians. They stayed near the stage, thus having shown a desire to become closer to the listeners not only physically, but also spiritually.

The old squeeze-box

      The concert could be conditionally divided into two parts - a part of the folk music and a part of the bardic music. In the first part were both traditional and world music: a maiden's song, a bride's dance, played on bag-pipes, a song about mother's death, melody on guimbarde, vehement and technical game on an old squeeze-box, made in Estonia in 1915 and completely repared by Ants itself, and in the conclusion - a joint round dance through the hall and nearest rooms ("now we shall dance all together, like one family").

A song, composed by the oldest sister

      In continuation of the concert songs composed by Anu was singed in two voices to the accompaniment of a guitar ("we shall perform a little bit of a modern music, but it's roots are in the folklore too"). Though the sound was nice, this repertoir was not pertinent to a concert of the folk music; however, certainly, desire of the parents to be proud of children work is widespread. At the end the group sang a farewell song, which "dries tears".
      The common impression was good. And it could not be bad, when a man, who already more than quarter of century makes and plays folk music instruments and who has brought up four children (both sons was not able to arrive) - skilful performers of the traditional music, has performed...

      Article: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš, 29 June 2003
      Photos: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš

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