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"Laiksne" 10'th anniversary,
Riga, 21 November 2003

      Yes, youth ensembles of the first half of 90-ties became older, we already celebrate ten years anniversaries... For me it is more difficult to write about them - it's my generation and all those ten years passed behind me, they are dear to me. Were they prolific and happy? Who knows...
      The concert was conducted by a Taurupean Tom Treiberg - conducted pleasantly and relaxedly; however, sometimes some words sliped, but it is not a lack in her young age.

Laiksne in such staff was ten years ago

      The concert was a retrospection of different staffs of the group. The first two songs sang the initial staff - 11 women and girls.

In the ensemble singed lads too...

      Then Maris Jekabson has joined the group. At her singing it was possible to hear a lack of practice - he sang a little bit false and too fast. But the playing on a bag-pipe was well.

Together with the producer of the album A cuckoo called Maris Muktupavel

      In continuation the group has showed repertoir of its three albums: they sang songs with participation of musicians, who are not participants of the ensemble.

In the new album is used a mandoline too

      In the program of the new album I being young was felt, that this time the group accented a playing and improvisations on instruments. It looks that the ensemble is going to work in this direction henceforth too.
      Between songs passed a competition - Tom put questions about Laiksne, and people was able by correct answers to collect points for purchase of the new disc for a partial price or even free-of-charge.

The dancing was cheerful

      After the concert the hosts have invited guests to a table with various wines, pretzels and other viands. Now started to play a younger generation, basically - participants of ensembles Ceiruleits and Visi vēji. The dances were very cheerful. The musicians played well, but, unfortunately, this generation has a tendency to play all music very fast, therefore some dances were indigestible. However, the young people had a "spark" of true musicians: even when dancers broke up to their homes, the musicians continued to play with burning eyes - just for a pleasure.

      Article: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš, 4 December 2003
      Photos: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš

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